join - step 1

It is beautiful that you want to join and become a member of „I love You. a lovely art project“ on „“. We look forward to you.

It is your most important contribution to the project (and later hopefully much more) and the only prerequisite to join that you upload a video with your „I love you“ like all the other members already did. A video in which you say your „I love you“ to all the people around the whole world. So not as a special and very personal speech to a special and loved person (this cannot be public) but as a acknowledgement of a human fundamental attitude that forbids hate and kinds of exclusion.

Please notice that here can be accepted only videos with an „I love you“. Only that. In all languages. Said by you in your language and with your expression. Only „I love you“. From you to all the others and so from all the others to you.

Please do this little video with your camera or your mobile and upload it. It must not be perfect. We talk about love and not about technics. €žJust one thing is of importance: please use the horizontal format

You can any time upload a new video if you don´t like the old one. But your rights as a member are in abeyance in the times when no video is on.

The video should show your head as big as possible and in the center of the screen. You have maximum 8 seconds for it. Look 1 or 2 seconds into the camera and then please say your „I love you“. After that again 1 or 2 seconds and it is done.

Please give us now the following informations:

Your name 
Sure you can choose a preudonym too. But we would like it much more if you give your right name to us and all the other members.

Your email
We need it to keep contact with you. We will never make it visible or give it to someone else or sell it.

The language
Please choose the language from the list that you used to say your „I love you“ in your video. We need that information to create your personal picture of the project.

After registration and clicking „Submit“ a layer opens:

It´s done. Later you can give anytime more informations on your site if you want.

Now we will send you an email. Please click the link inside. It will open a side and you can do the next step: you can upload the video with your „I love you“.

By creating an account you can
- log in to love pro toto
- be part of the global social sculpture
- get in touch with other love pro toto members

love pro toto only works if you allow us to save your personal information like E-mail and name. Your name (as well as your video) will also be published on the web page. But don’t worry, we will never sell or rent your personal information. It’s part of our privacy policy.

Of course you can change these settings any time later.

*Compulsory field